All I Want For Christmas is a Dell Inspiron Mini 9

It is now 82 days before Christmas so I thought I better start making my wishlist. There are lots on my mind already, mostly technological gadgets, but foremost among them is the newly-released Dell Inspiron Mini 9. I have been reading about netbooks lately, which I admit to only come across just recently.

Why Dell Inspiron Mini 9? Mainly because of the looks, really. I am no techie, so I will not pretend to say that it is because of the specifications. I leave that to the experts (click here).

I mentioned this to my wife but on the ruse that I am going to buy it for her. She showed me that Duchenne smile again; however, only for a brief moment. She saw through the ruse and I got a resounding telling off. Serves me right, eh? She went on to ask me why need another one when we already have two laptop computers. That's right, we have a Compaq Presario 2100 that I bought in 2004 (cost me quite a fortune then) and a Dell Inspiron 6400, bought just only a year ago.

But sadly, me and my wife can hardly use them when we want to as our two boys took it to themselves now that they own these laptops. They are always on it all the time playing online games, the free ones that is! Apart from the games, Cean is always watching the same Hot Wheels video clips!

Please, Santa Claus, can you give me a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 this Christmas? I promise to be good until Christmas.

Photo credits: Dell UK, CNET Reviews and Register Hardware

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  1. Nice wish. It'll be granted :-)



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