Holiday Souvenirs

London, UK: Model of Tower Bridge over the river Thames

My brother Jay and Mel, his wife, visited us last May for a week before going home to the Philippines for their scheduled holiday this year. I toured them in some of London's famous landmarks like Big Ben, House of Parliament, Tower of London and many others. As remembrance of their visit to these London landmarks they bought souvenirs such as fridge magnets. Aside from taking photographs, buying souvenirs from our holiday destinations is usually the next in our to-do list, is it not?

But buying holiday souvenirs is not enough for photographer Michael Hughes. He likes to photograph them in front of the real tourist hotspots. In fact, he has travelled the world doing just that. Now, that is cool, don't you think? I would like to do that in our future holidays. Actually, I don't have to wait for our next holiday. I will buy a souvenir of Peterborough's famous landmark, Peterborough Cathedral. Once I get a photograph I will publish it in this blog. Watch this space!

Maybe you would like to do it, too? When you have published it in your blog please let me know and I will have a look. If you don't have a blog but you want the world to know I can publish it in this blog if you like.

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