To Blog Again

"I'm Back!"

I've been away unexpectedly from the blogosphere for a few days. We went down to Kent for a short holiday. We stayed in Clark's (Daisy's cousin) place in Welling. This week's half term so Cean's not in school. We earlier planned to just go visit local attractions in and near Peterborough but we also thought of going to Welling.

We have been putting off going to Welling for quite some time now because the boys are still young. Last Monday, we decided to just go for it. It was a 2-3 hours journey of several train rides to Welling. It wasn't exactly the smoothest journey that one wishes for especially when you have young children. But it was better than we expected.

I brought along my Dell netbook as I was planning to blog during my rest hours while there. However, Clark (Daisy's cousin) forgot the password to their broadband connection. This also explains why I was not able to blog. This turned to be a good idea after all. The four days that we stayed in Welling were both fun and hard. Fun because we toured the boys in London and in Welling, and hard because our youngest son had some allergic attacks during our stay.

I'll be blogging about this recent holiday in the coming days, together with some pictures. I still have to upload it to my computer, though. The boys really had a great time especially the time they spent playing and bonding with their cousins (Clark has two boys as well).

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