Types Of Bloggers

I read this article that describes four different types of blogger. The author intended this categorisation for advertising agencies and marketers who wants to tap bloggers. I think this can be used to describe all bloggers, in general.

According to the blog article, the four types of bloggers are:

1. Hobby Bloggers. They generate content from the things or activities that interest them the most. Some examples of these would be those who blog about food, anime, movie reviews and photography.

2. Journal Bloggers. They usually post about life experiences. Their topics can be really random and can be anything under the sun. Favourite topics can include current events especially those being discussed by media outfits and online communities.

3. Google Bloggers. They focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with no or little regard to relevant content, personal branding and influence. They are in it for advertising and money. These bloggers prioritise building keywords so that search engines like Google and Yahoo will point towards them, thus giving them substantial amount of traffic.

4. Value Bloggers. They are writers who put content, personal branding and service as top priorities. They focus on delivering posts that add value to their readers by giving them insights, tips, tactic and advice on how to improve one's craft, hobby or whatever. In other words, people go to them because what they write is relevant, sensible and useful (something readers can actually learn from.)

For me, there is a fifth type - the overlapping type. This type is a combination of any of the four types mentioned above.

I am certainly a Journal Blogger but I would like to be a Journal-Value Blogger. I am thankful for readers who give me part of their valuable time to read about me and my family's life experiences. I feel that I should make it even more worthwhile by giving value and learning to what they read. Certainly, there is more work to be done if I want to be a Journal-Value Blogger.

So, fellow bloggers, which type are you?

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