My Lamborghini Gallardo is on fire

Photo: Peterborough Evening Telegraph

You have got to feel for the owner. Wouldn't you if you are driving your Lamborghini Gallardo out on a Friday night when suddenly smoke comes out from the engine and minutes later your supercar is burnt to ashes.

This happened two hours after I left the office last Friday looking forward to a daddy daycare weekend. When I arrived at the office yesterday morning I saw the burnt patch on the road, which is just outside the reception area of the building. I was curious to know so I checked out the local daily newspaper, Peterborough Evening Telegraph, for some news. The headline in the newstands says "Hundreds watch as supercar burns".

I thought it was just some car that burned last Friday. But no, it was a supercar! A 195mph Lamborghini Gallardo that costs UKS 115,000 to 130,000 brand new and UKS 75,000 and up when bought second hand. At that cost, it is like watching my house burned to the ground!

There are 5,000 to 6,000 of this supercar in existence with fewer than 400 running in Britain. Now it's one more less.

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