Story behind Sunday's giraffes

The two giraffes we submitted for the One Million Giraffes project last Sunday was a family effort by me and my sons.

We brainstormed a bit before we created the giraffes. I wanted them to make some drawings to submit to the project.

But the boys have other ideas. Cean wanted his giraffe created out of his Hot Wheels toy cars. He did not agree to some of my ideas on how it will look like, so the giraffe I submitted last Sunday was all Cean's effort.

Here is a photo of Cean proudly standing beside his obra maestra.

The giraffe I created out of bowling pins was for my younger son. He didn't want to participate as he was busy playing with his bowling pins at that time.

I convinced him to let me borrow the pins for awhile to create a giraffe for him. After I finished and took a photo for the project, JP was eagerly waiting to bowl it. But before that, I took a picture of him beside the giraffe.

It was great fun creating the giraffes with my boys. And we plan to create some more for the project.

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