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I have been blogging with Blogger since 2008 and see no need to have my own domain. I was happy to ride along to their free hosting service. That's why my blog's name contains in its URL address.

But times are a-changing so I checked my blog's settings, recently. I found out (again) that I can register my own domain name at an affordable price of $10. So, I decided to purchase a year's registration with Fortunately, the domain name was still available. In the end, I paid $12.10 (including tax) or £7.82 for the domain name.

From now on I will be blogging in My old blogspot blog will still be working for a few days as I understand but it will be re-routed to my new domain name. As to my blog host, I am still with Blogger. I reckon it is too complicated for me to change my domain host. I am not technically adept and do not have the time to learn about domain hosting.

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