School field trip to Moor Farm

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Last week, I joined my younger son's class on a school field trip to Moor Farm, located 7 miles northeast of Peterborough. This was the second time I joined my son in a school field trip as a parent helper. Because of his multiple allergy, either my wife or I will accompany our son during a field trip as requested by his schoolteachers.

Moor Farm is a medium-seized mixed arable farm (200 ha in size) with cattle and sheep and run by a husband and wife team. The farm offers free educational visits to primary schools. When we arrived at the farm, owner Judith gave a brief welcome orientation to the children before going out on a short educational tour around the farm.

Our morning tour consisted of:
  • going to the farm field to talk about seeds and how it grows into farm crops
  • watching the crop sprayer, a huge farm machine, prepare the farm
  • passing by bales of sileage (or hay, in case you're wondering what it is)
  • looking at the other farm machines like the combine harvester (which I only saw in Farmville) and tractors
  • looking at cows and touching chicks and a fluffy rabbit
  • children sitting in the driver seat of a huge tractor

Afterwards, the children went back to school for lunchtime and afternoon lessons. My son later told me how greatly he enjoyed the visit especially when he touched the chick and the fluffy bunny!

When I was my son's age, I don't recall going to farm trips as an elementary school grader in the Philippines. However, as a child we always go to my aunt's place in Corella, Bohol, which is set amidst rice fields, during the summer. My aunt has lots of chickens in her house. And carabaos (water buffalos), too.

Further information on Moor Farm:

Moor Farm
Decoy Road

Tel: 01733 810229

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