A Clickmas Wish: DSLR camera

I'm an absolute beginner in photography, mainly taking pictures of my family. I do aspire to become a better photographer. How I wish I can also take those wonderful landscape and wildlife photos I admire from magazines.

At the moment I own two compact cameras - Olympus u725SW and Nikon Coolpix L110. I bought the former in 2007 and the latter in January this year, both from Amazon UK. I do have pictures from both cameras that I think can pass as decent photographs. I used them in the Wordless Wednesday posts.

Compact cameras do have a lot of limitations if you want to capture great photos. But with a DSLR camera it is a different matter altogether. Since it's Christmastime, or rather it's Clickmastime, once again I am in 'wishing' mode for an entry level DSLR camera. I have been good this year (yeah right) so I might be in a for a surprise from Father Clickmas.

I have been eyeing some 'great to have' DSLR cameras for some time now. I'm no expert and I don't pretend for one moment to understand all the technical description of a DSLR camera. I mainly rely on reviews in order to help me decide on which camera to go for as my first DSLR camera. The number of awards it gets is a big plus for me, too.

Like many people, I guess, who are planning to get a DSLR camera for the first time, I tend to choose between the two greats, Canon and Nikon. If I am to come up with a list of five to choose from I can easily pick out only from either Canon or Nikon, or from both.

The five entry level DSLR cameras (not in order) that I have been eyeing for sometime now are:

In the end, it would be a very tight fight for Canon EOS 600D, Nikon D5100 and throwing in the Sony A35 as the dark horse. Father Christmas, now you know what I want for Christmas this year. Make my Clickmas wish come true. Pleeeeeeeease!

How about you? If you are to buy a DSLR camera for the first time, what will it be?

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