Earning money through affiliate marketing

In September this year I discovered affiliate marketing through Problogger. Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising that rewards website owners like me (aka Publishers) for promoting e-commerce websites (aka Advertisers).

In the same month I registered for my own domain with GoDaddy.com. A year’s registration cost money, which I want to recover through advertisement in my blog. Before affiliate marketing, I ran advertisement in my blog through Google AdSense. Also recently, I used Chitika to run advertisement in my blog.

You can participate in affiliate marketing by signing on to ad networks, which is usually FREE. Currently, I used:

The following are the affiliate programs that I participate in (in some of them I have been or is a regular customer which is the reason why I chose them in the first place):

The link may still increase in the future. I know there is a lot of debate about affiliate marketing in blogs. I am just being pragmatic. I only use affiliate programs that I believe in and that I would have no problem becoming a customer.

Note: I will rewrite this post to become a Disclosure page of this blog.

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