Earthquake hits the UK

I thought I felt something moving while I was working on my computer drafting my most recent post on my Pinoyborian blog. It continued for sometime and then I heard our master bedroom door making a noise. I stood up and my wife called out as she was woken up by the tremors, too. It was a surreal experience as I thought there were no earthquakes in the UK. In my homeland, the Philippines, you would expect it to happen regularly (although we pray against it happening) as we are located in the so-called Ring of Fire.

My personal experience on earthquakes happened in 1990-1991 when that series of catastrophic earthquakes hit the Philippines. I was still then a university student. The first time it happened I was sitting in a concrete bench by the roadside just whiling my time away when I feel the bench moving sideways. I thought to myself this cannot be happening as the bench was concrete. I stood up and look at the school building behind me and saw students running out screaming. I then felt the tremors and everything I saw blurred. It did not last long in real time I suppose but at that time it was long enough. It scared me.

The second time it happened (during the same year) I was watching a movie with my brother in the balcony at that. Then tremors started in the middle of the show, people scampered to get to the door (I'm sure there were minor injuries during the melee) but I held my brother back. I said to him, "wait for it to stop and the door is quiet clear then we go out". When the movements stopped off we go and out of the moviehouse. It was a lousy movie anyway - I do not remember it now.

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