I just finished watching the most bizarre game show I have ever seen on television. Presented by the comic Jimmy Carr, this comic game show entitled Distraction requires contestants to answer general knowledge questions while attempting to complete some bizarre challenges.

For this particular episode I just watched, there were four contestants - two males and two females. In the first round, the contestants compete in a Question and Answer (Q&A) game. However, instead of a buzzer they have to smash a bottle on their head if they know the answer to a question asked. In the middle of the first round, Carr told them that if they know the answer they have to smash a bottle on the contestant next to them. Then the laugh began!

The first round was a blast I had to stand up to catch my breath due to excessive laughing; my stomach really hurt. Anyway, after each round a contestant will bow out because of garnering the lowest score.

The second round sounded simple. The three remaining contestants have to compete in a School Sports Day event, actually three namely three-legged race, sack race and the cartwheel. However, they needed a partner - a nude partner. Yes, that's right, a certified nudist for a partner!

The remaining two contestants (a male and a female) entered the third round and compete in a Q&A game again. But this time they have to sit in a lavatory with their jeans and underwear down. Why? Because if they know the answer they have to wee a little on the water. The female contestant was really embarrassed but guess what, she won! She was quick to wee despite having heard her saying that she is not going to do it.

She won a £10,000 red Mini; however, Carr will not give it to her that easily. She has to answer five questions correctly to get the Mini in its pristine condition. For every wrong answer she will give, a part of the car will be destroyed or defaced. Luckily, she only got one answer wrong. Her flatmate spray painted on her car for the wrong answer.

But all is well that ends well for this lucky lady. She drove away in a new red Mini with her flatmate, which I guess had been forgiven for what she had done to the new car.

I Googled this game and I got this Wikipedia entry, if you want to read on.

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