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Last night, I watched a late night movie on telly entitled The Greatest Game Ever Played. It is a Disney sports drama first released in 2004 and starred by the next Indiana Jones, Shia Labeouf. The movie is based on the true story of how a golfing fanatic, Francis Ouimet, overcame the odds to win the 1913 US Open as an amateur.

Ouimet beat the great Harry Vardon, already a five time winner of the British Open before coming to the US Open. After his defeat, Vardon went on to win a sixth British Open the following year, a record feat that still stands to this day. Vardon is considered the greatest British golfer ever.

Now I do not know the game of gold let alone how it is scored. I did try some golfing in the practice range and in a bar, doing some putting, on weekend nights many years ago. But I was surprised to find myself enjoying the movie that involves golf. It was actually a human drama of overcaming the odds to achieved one's dream. This kind of a movie plot almost always sell to the audience.

The title, The Greatest Game Ever Played, was actually spoken by the character that played the British journalist that accompanied Vardon and company to the tournament. He used this phrase to describe the impending saga of the final round that involved three protagonists, two British professionals and the lone American amateur Ouimet, as they faced off for the championship trophy.

The last 30 minutes of the movie was a gripping thriller and I literally was glued to my seat not wanting to miss every second of the show. I missed the first 15-20 minutes of the movie but I still enjoyed it and I might find the DVD copy so I can enjoy watching again at my own time.

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