What's For Breakfast, Dad?

I gave "tsamporado" to my sons for their breakfast today. Using only dark chocolate powder (the younger one has milk allergy) and a little sugar on their rice porridge, the boys ate a bowlful each. They must have missed tsamporado that much since it has been awhile since we made them one. Our sons, Pinoy pa rin!


  1. i like tsamporado and this is one of my fave foods for breakfast.

  2. If you can get hold of some hershey's dark chocolate bars, that's the best one to use for your champorado. A little expensive though. Oh, I hope you don't forget what champorado is best taken with - tuyo!

  3. jane:

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I use Cadburys (British brand) dark chocolate powder. I haven't seen any Hersheys (US brand) in supermarkets here. Tuyo? hmmmm the wife would love that. I'm more of a sweet tooth, though.



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