Cold December

December announced itself today with a freezing cold morning. Brrrrr! I hate it when it is cold. I cannot stand the biting cold weather. I drove my son to school now because of it. When I started the car this morning, I have to wait for about five minutes before I drove away. Ice had formed on the front windows and I have to wait until it melted. My son, impatient as usual, complained that we should be going to school already. I drove slowly today because of the slippery road.

After I parked the car at home (I don't drive to work as parking is very expensive) I walk towards the bus station. Despite a thick jacket and gloved hands I was shivering. My fingers were particularly biting cold to the bones, literally. It hurts. I was really glad when I arrived at our comfortably warm office. And when I went out for lunch break I was fully covered from head to toe. Still, I was shivering.

My only complaint in living in my adopted country is the cold weather, I just cannot stand it. Even in the Philippines I do not look forward to December because of the onset of cold weather. Mind you, the temperature is only about 25-28 degrees Celsius!

I spent my first winter here mostly staying inside the house fully clothed, i.e. jumper, jogging pants, socks. And the few times that I went out I wore several layers of shirts. Looking back on it now, I was really a ridiculous sight then. But what the heck, I was too cold to care. I have adjusted better now. Still, I do not look forward to winter. But it is coming whether I like it or not. Reality really bites! I cannot feel my fingers...

Photo credit: BBC Weather

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