Tilt-shift Photographs

"Tilt-shift" refers to a photographic technique used to create special effects when taking a photograph. I have seen works by professional photographers that were given the tilt-shifting treatment and they are amazing. Real-life scenes that looks like "model" photographs.

I was watching Click at BBC where it talked about a website that lets you tilt-shift your pictures in three easy steps - all online and free! After the show, I immediately look for the website called Tiltshift maker (http://tiltshiftmaker.com). Before, you would be able to use tilt-shifting by following tutorials in image editing software like Photoshop. But not anymore!

You can use Tiltshift maker to easily transform your standard photos into fun tilt-shift style miniature pictures, which are real-life scenes that are manipulated to look like model photographs. That is why they are sometimes called fake miniatures, because they are pictures of real life scenes.

Photos that capture details of an overall scene usually work better than those of a single subject or group pictures. The first picture above is from one of my digital photos. It is not quite a fake miniature picture, but I will trawl through more on old pictures to find that ideal scene photo.

The picture below, which was taken during my son's birthday, is not ideally best for tilt-shift but I do like it because of its special effect. I will continue to experiment more with portraits as well although it will not have fake miniature effect.

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