We are (tennis-crazed) family

I am teaching my family to play lawn tennis this summer. By family, I mean my very eager wife and very excited sons age 6 and 4, respectively. By the end of summer we will be one tennis-crazed family and my sons will be tipped as the future British No. 1, perhaps the future world no. 1 player!

I have to say that I have not touched a tennis racket for seven years, that's quite a long while. But it didn't feel strange holding one again last week. The skills are still there as well. I played with a friend last week although my family went with me. I gave them a taster afterwards, which they really enjoyed. My younger son had great fun trying to hit the balls. It didn't surprise me at all as he loves all types of ball games.

Last Monday afternoon after work, we all went down to Central Park to play tennis. The scattered rains didn't put off Daisy and the kids. They scampered towards every ball despite the rains. I was playing with Daisy most of the time and the kids would just cut in and try to hit the ball. But most of the time the kids were happy left to themselves with their own rackets desperately trying to hit their balls.

We probably played for a couple of hours. We had mixed reactions from the kids afterwards. The older son, not exactly sports-minded, enjoyed just running about the tennis court with racket in hand and hitting, or rather, not hitting, the ball he carried with him. The younger one, however, was not such a happy bunny. He tried hard to hit the ball but most of the time he couldn't. He did erupted into big smiles and shouting hurrahs when I hold his hand and racket and let him hit a few balls.

So, if you come looking for us on Monday nights during this summer, chances are you will find all four of us in Central Park playing very competitively against each other. Game on!

Photos: Andy Murray in contactmusic.com and Central Park in Discover Peterborough website

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