One million giraffes aims to collect one million giraffes by 2011.

It started out as a challenge between two friends, that one of them can collect one million giraffes in two years time. The giraffes can be created in any way except from a computer or store bought objects like stuffed toys.

I knew about this site through BBC Click last Saturday. It seems fun and interesting especially for the kids. This is an opportune time since it's summer where you need to come up with something interesting to occupy their time.

I encourage my older son to draw a giraffe so we can send it. He didn't, instead, created one out of his toy cars. Of course, why didn't I think of that? He's crazy about his toy cars.

Here is the giraffe he made, which we submitted to the site yesterday.

I created a giraffe from my younger son's bowling pins. I asked him to do it himself but would not. He had fun bowling it though, after I took a picture to send to the site.

There are two rules to the One Million Giraffes project:

1. You have to tell your friends about this project (otherwise it won't work)
2. Your giraffe(s) can be created in any way and form, but not on a computer.

I've been faithful to both rules. I have already told my friends in Facebook yesterday. I wrote this post so that you will know; later, I'll post a link to my Friendster account. My high school Yahoo group will be able to read this post later on.

I've submitted two giraffes yesterday. I have just send another two but it was not accepted yet.

Why don't you join and support this project? It's all for fun especially for the children.

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