Baclayon (Bohol) Blog

Recently, I created a new blog about my Philippine hometown of Baclayon, Bohol.

Why did I create a new blog? And why now? I will cite part of my Welcome blogpost from the new blog as a way of an explanation.

I created this blog due in part to the first ever clan reunion of my father's paternal family scheduled next year. I hope to fill in this blog with information on Baclayon for the benefit of my relatives especially the younger generation.

A lot of my relatives now live in different parts of the Philippines and abroad. Many also have not yet set foot on this town and know little about it.

I will post on a lot of things about my hometown. Its history, culture, tourism and my personal reminiscences are only some of the topics I will be writing about.

The new blog is entitled Baclayon (Bohol) Blog and the URL is

I hope you will support me on this new endeavour as you have done to Pinoyborian and Bohol On My Mind blogs. Thanks in advance.

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