Silence of the blog

This blog is eerily silent for some time now.

There is no dearth of materials nor ideas to write about. In fact, every week if not everyday, I think of and/or come across some topic that I want to blog about.

There is no lost of interest to blog either. In fact, my two other blogs are active. And I also have plans to start two or three blogs more.

The problem is the lack of time. Damn that time! Approaching middle age, raising a young family and stuck in a not so interesting job, I still refuse the fact that I do not have enough time for other things nowadays, like hobbies.

Blogging is a hobby to me and not a passion. I like to think that I am passionate about it, but it's not. It is an outlet for me to release the creative spirit inside of me. If there is! But never mind.

To be fair to myself though, I have been focusing lately on my other blogs, Bohol On My Mind and Baclayon (Bohol) Blog, which deals on my Philippine past.

Also, these few months I was heavily involved in organising the Filipino community in Peterborough. Our formal community association came into being only last January. I was elected into the management committee, apparently in recognition of my work in drafting our constitution.

So there, I broke the silence. With this post I now vow to be active again on this blog. Until the next lull...


  1. Keep blogging. I find your blogs interesting. Try visiting my blog as well, also about anything intresting pinoy.

  2. Freeman and Mikey Garcia, thanks for the boost of confidence.



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