Postcard Friday #2: Grimeshaw Wood, Bretton: Autumn

Grimeshaw Wood is a local nature reserve that is managed by Peterborough City Council. This patch of ancient woodland now stands beside a built-up area that is North Bretton. The north-south road, Bretton Way cuts through it, thus, creating two patches of the wood.

Grimeshaw Wood, also nicknamed the Grime, is home to an array of forest creatures. Pipestrelle bats live here and nettle-leaved bell flowers are particularly evident in the summer.

I live about 10 minutes walk from Grimeshaw Wood. I'm familiar with the place because I sometimes took a bus that pass by it when going to work. But I have not been to the wood and it would be nice to check it out one of these days.

Note aside, a blogger gave this rather interesting observation on the areas near Grimeshaw Wood, which I also noticed:
The north-south road that cuts through the various parts of the Grime also provides a geographical 'tracks' with dense housing, no pavements, and a certain number of chavs on the east, with giveaway coloured road signs. To the west are big houses, open lawns, silence bar birdsong and black writing on white road names.

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