Postcard Friday #4: Bishop's Gardens

Bishop's Garden in Peterborough is a small ornamental garden just south of Peterborough Cathedral and north of The Lido. Bounded by Bishop's Road, the garden was created as part of the Bishop's palace in the 14th century. The gardens, unlike the palace, is open to the public and is nicely laid out with rose beds and various other features.

In the middle of the gardens is a memorial to Michael Boddy and Stephen Restoric, both killed by the IRA while on duty in Ireland. Against the north wall is a Gothic monument.

I seldom go to Bishop's Gardens although recently I took a walk around Peterborough Cathedral and going out into the Bishop's Gardens. Although it was already autumn, the gardens still offer a blissful respite from all the hustle and bustle of the city. You would not even notice that you are very near the busy city centre.

Source: panoramic earth

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