Postcard Friday #5: Peterborough Cathedral from top

Peterborough Cathedral is one of the finest Norman buildings in Europe today and is a UK landmark.

As seen from the top, you will see that Peterborough Cathedral is shaped like a cross. Personally, this postcard is very interesting to look at. I'm imagining myself hovering at the top and looking down below. The cathedral is just as amazing from the top as below.

The origins of the Cathedral can be traced back to King Peada of the Middle Angles who founded the first monastery on the site in 655AD. The monastic settlement was almost entirely destroyed by the Vikings in 870 and rebuilt as a Benedictine Abbey between 960 and 970. The Abbey church then survived Hereward the Wake’s attack on the Abbey in 1069, and remained intact until an accidental fire destroyed the second Abbey here in 1116. It was rebuilt in its present form between 1118 and 1238. It became the Cathedral of the new Diocese of Peterborough in 1541 and it is now known as the Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew.

Source: Peterborough Cathedral

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