The Blog

The personal blog was created in 2008. It is generally about how it is to live in the UK from a Pinoy family's perspective. There will be focus on our integration into British culture and also about the vibrant Filipino community in the city of Peterborough and neighboring places.

The blog's name is a combination of the words Pinoy, the informal name we Filipinos like to call ourselves (similar to Brits for British), and Peterborian, a native of Peterborough, which is now my home in the UK.

There will still be a smorgasbord of views, ideas and interesting information about the UK, the Philippines and the rest of the world (if it caught my fancy.)

The Author

I am an accidental immigrant, first arriving in the UK in 2002 as an OFW dependent.

I am a true Filipino, in the geographical sense having been born in Mindanao from a father and mother who are from Visayas and Luzon, respectively.

Bohol is my home province in the Philippines. Equally, too, I considered Cebu City as my 'other' home having spent a lot of years there after finishing high school.

In my Philippine life, I have been a volunteer, researcher, office clerk, pearl farm officer, medical representative and a high school teacher.

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