2 September 2018

Welcome to Pinoyborian 2.0

Reposted from Pinoyborian 2.0 blog; first published in 25 August 2018. See you there!

Welcome to this reboot of my first Blogger blog!

I was planning to continue posting in my old blog, Pinoyborian. I reviewed it recently, changed its look and started thinking about future posts - even drafted an article to publish soon. Started in 2008, Pinoyborian was my attempt at creating a personal blog that will chronicle my life's journey as an immigrant with a young family. I was starting a new life in a faraway country and facing lots of new challenges in an uncertain future ahead of us.

The blog started out well in the first two years. I had a lot to talk and share about, especially our growing boys. Then life became busy and blogging took a backseat. Writing became a struggle until it just stopped. Then Facebook took over our lives. Sharing our life experiences to family, friends and even strangers became easier and much quicker. Other social media platforms beckoned and tried.

One thing bothered me while I drafted a future post - the last time I published in Pinoyborian was in 2012. Six years ago! A lot has happened since then, mostly that our children are now teenagers! Since then, we have traveled to more places in the UK, even outside the country! My photography hobby had since improved... and waned again. Sharing your life to other people is now easier with so many social media platforms to choose from. But it is also disorganised as I see it. I wanted to take back some control on what and how I share my life experiences.

So, I decided to continue on my journey as Pinoyborian in version 2.0! It will be the same theme - our family travel stories, my photography hobby, and everything else in between. But mainly Travel and Photography stories. I will leave Pinoyborian blog as an 'archive' to refer back to at times. I do not plan on updating it anytime soon again, except maybe a last article mentioning this new version of Pinoyborian. So watch this space.

And so my journey as Pinoyborian continues...

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