King of Pop Is Dead

Photo: BBC

It came as a shock! I just woke up and slowly finding my way downstairs to prepare my son's packed lunch and breakfast as it is a normal school day. Or so it seems until I opened the TV to check on the news, as I always do. The scene that greeted me was that of chaos with people running towards a building.

Amidst that chaotic scene I heard the BBC reporter mentioned King of Pop and later on the news that Michael Jackson is dead apparently from cardiac arrest. I feel the tingle behind my neck as I quickly call my wife to the telly. She was misty eyed as we listen to the news of his death.

His death came a fortnight before he is set to perform in London at the O2 Arena, which he said is going to be his last. He will never make it. The famous Glastonbury music festival will be honouring him this weekend. Already, there are lots of tributes paid to him.

Much has been badly said and written about Michael Jackson the man and his failings but I would rather remember him as Michael Jackson the greatest showman of all time. The music and the dance moves were just brilliant and extraordinary. His three greatest albums - Thriller, Bad and Off the Wall made him the King of Pop.

I remember particularly well the album Thriller especially the title song and the music video made about it. It was the most anticipated music video at that time (I was in my early teenage years). And who has not tried to do the Moonwalk and the Zombie dance? C'mon, admit it we all once tried to be Michael Jackson the dancer, succeeding instead of making an ass of ourselves trying hard to do the dance moves.

You are at peace now Michael Jackson, sir! If you were British, the sir would have come first. Goodbye, Michael Jackson! Today, the music died!

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