28 June 2009

Strawberry Fayre

The boys had great fun today at the Strawberry Fayre held at Cean's school. There were lots of fun things to do - bottle stall, cakes, bouncy castle, books/video, raffle, plants, face painting, toys, displays, games, barbecue, silent auction, wheel of fortune, jewellery and of course, lots of strawberry and cream teas.

It was great weather as well - intermittently cloudy and sunny, which was just perfect as I forgot to put suncream to the boys. I wasn't able to bring a lot of money (about 10 pounds only) but it was enough for the afternoon. The boys' favourite was the bouncy castle. They must have tried it 4-5 times at 50p for five minutes. Cean tried a card raffle game for 20p but was unfortunate. Both of them had a go at some relay game using water in a cup and the tug-of-war game. They really enjoyed that one. But I think in both games, the boys lost to the girls. Talk about girl power, huh!

There was a barbecue stall where we grabbed some late lunch of burger cheese, bacon and sausage, which were all placed in a bread roll. JP was very excited to continue playing that he didn't finish his lunch and quickly vanished from my sight. I found him later having a freebie turn at the bouncy castle.

Cean did fancy having a go at face painting but it was too late as I used up all my money. He probably got envious of some of the boys with tiger and lion faces. Maybe next time. I then brought him to the painting gallery, where there was a little game of finding the tortoise in the paintings. It turned out that there is one in all the paintings being displayed.

And where was JP? Playing with sand in the shade. Cean then joined in. After a while, both had had enough especially when JP had sand in his eyes from playing. It is really summer now. I will now be on a lookout for something to do every weekend because the boys will be asking for it.

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