London: O2 Arena

Our short tour in London was capped with a dinner at O2 Arena courtesy of Clark, who celebrated his birthday the week before our visit. Tired from the tour I didn't manage to have pictures taken with the arena as background. We went straight inside to have a look around.

Clark treated us at Nando's, a Portuguese restaurant specialising in chicken (reminds me of Max's in the Philippines). It was obviously a favourite among diners as there was a long queue when we get there. Clark told us to have a look around the arena while he queued.

We walked around until we saw a dome with the sign "O2 fanspace" and went inside. It is supposed to be a place to chill out which I welcome very much. The kids does not understand the word chill out obviously, as they treated the place as playground.

Here are some pictures taken during the dinner:

Daisy with the kids inside O2 fanspace

John Paul just chilling out in O2 fanspace

Inside Nando's after the sumptous dinner

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