No To Con-Ass!

I have not lived in my home country, the Philippines, since 2002. However, I still maintain very strong ties with the country since most of my family and friends still lives there. Being away does not make me less informed about the country. Thanks to the Internet, I am even more informed about the Philippines now that I am living abroad than when I was there.

What happened in 2 June did not pass me by unnoticed, for it was a sad day for Philippine democracy. On that fateful day, the House of Representatives approved House Resolution 1109 that would convene Congress (House and the Senate) into a constituent assembly (ConAss) to amend the 1987 Constitution.

I have been closely following the events on Charter Change on the internet for some time now. I am against any form of Charter Change, whatever the positive argument for it, if it is done under the present administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA). It will always be interpreted as a tool to perpetuate GMA's power. She should just go out quietly and save the Filipino people from more hardships. But she can't, mindful of the wrath that awaits her.

Because of this selfish and shameless act of the House, I believe it's time for the Filipino people to really wake up and be outraged. This post is my way of saying that I, too, stands up to be counted for the fight to save Philippine democracy!

SHAME on all the (dis)honourable Congressmen who voted for the passage of House Resolution 1109!

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