The Terrible Two

I created a picture album of my two boys in my Facebook account, which I gave the title of The Terrible Two. The title was taken from a book that is currently a favourite of my younger son. It is a story of two boys who are the best of friends who decided to form a secret club and call themselves The Terrible Two because they want to do naughty things. In the end, they got bored with this purpose and ended up joining another secret club that was formed by two girls.

I read this book to my sons almost every night now. When I get to the line where I mention the name of the boys' secret club I read it aloud with a booming voice; my sons never failed to have a great laugh. The younger one would always say, "Again! Again!," which I dutifully do. Sometimes I add a line to it - "The Terrible Two, just like you too!" referring to my two boys.

My sons being boys can be terrible, but all boys are. But at least they are only two, which is quite manageable to me and my wife. But can you imagine my mother and father having to deal with The Terrible Seven and all boys at that!

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