Springfields Spalding: Close encounters at the Alien Garden

Last month, the whole family went on a day-out in Springfields Spalding, an outlet shopping and garden centre, a half hour's drive north of Peterborough. It was a day of shopping (mostly the window variety) and close encounter with 'aliens' sprouting in the garden centre.

The aliens I am referring to were the 35 stunning and brightly coloured air sculptures. The Alien Garden resembled plants and flowers, not quite what we've seen before! They range in size and height, up to 30 feet high.

While admiring the Alien Garden we managed to watch the dazzling water fountain display. Afterwards, we finished the day with the now customary game of mini-golf, our sons' favourite part everytime we go to Springfields Spalding.

Further information on Springfields Spalding:

Springfields Outlet Shopping & Festival Gardens
PE12 6EU
tel: 01775 760909
email: enquiries@springfieldsshopping.com

Source: Springfields Spalding

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