18 September 2009

Peterborough's Filipino Catholics joined One Mass celebration

The small Filipino Catholic community in Peterborough contributed to the One Mass celebration held in Peterborough last July.

Graphic Tees thanked me recently for sharing the story of Filipino Catholics from the eyes of a foreigner. Then, I remembered the SMS or "text" my kumpare sent relaying to us our local parish priest's message of thanks to all Filipinos who joined the One Mass celebration held in Peterborough Cathedral.

The One Mass was held to mark the rich cultural mix of the Catholic religious community in the city. More than a thousand people of 50 different nationalities attended the celebration. In particular, the small Filipino community was asked to provide the choir. Apparently, the parish priest was impressed with our singing during a mass he celebrated for the local Filipino Catholic community a while back. Unfortunately, our family was unable to attend One Mass. Still, I was proud of the others who attended and provided some of the angelic singing during the mass.

There is a news article from the local Evening Telegraph that reported about this event, which you can read here. In the main picture, the Filipino girl holding a red and white flag is my son's classmate at his primary school.

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