Phineas and Ferb lunch bag: my son's favourite

Last summer, our sons got hooked on the Disney Channel tv show, Phineas and Ferb. As a consequence, they've been hounding us with requests to buy Phineas and Ferb merchandise. Our younger son, in particular, is the bigger fan; understandably, he's the more persistent one.

One merchandise that he wanted to get was a Phineas and Ferb lunch bag. I tried looking in our local supermarkets like Sainsburys but could not find one. Pressed for time, I went online through Amazon UK. I found one and immediately ordered. I was worried that my order will not arrived in time for the first day of school. But it did, arriving a day before school started! My son was a very happy bunny.

I was a bit annoyed afterwards, though. A week later, I went food shopping at our local Sainsburys and guess what I found there. Yes, the same Phineas and Ferb lunch bag sold 25% less!

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Amazon UK. But I am also a satisfied customer who regularly buys from them for the lower price and convenience it brought me.

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