26 October 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I found out an interesting way of creating entries for my blog. It is not a recent phenomenon; in fact, I seem to vaguely recall that I’ve read a few blogposts on it a few years back. I am referring to Wordless Wednesday.

According to an About.com article:
Wordless Wednesday (WW) is a blogosphere phenomenon that apparently no one on the Internet has stepped up to take credit for. Whereas blogs (web journals) are primarily about "words" bloggers love to dress their journal entries with imagery. WW is a simple blog post that features a photo that speaks for itself without words. However, there are no specific rules about WW posts so a few (and sometimes, many) words may accompany a photo or image that is the focus of a WW blog entry.
I plan to become a part of this phenomenon. I will post my photos following the rule of just posting it without any description other than the title of the post. It can be as an individual photo or a group of photos that refers to the post title. However, I will provide a backstory of each post a month later or after four posts. As I plan to do this on a weekly basis I will create a page just for this category so be sure to check the page on a regular basis.

I am an absolute beginner in photography. But I’ve taken quite a number of photos that I can use for my future Wordless Wednesday posts. I hope it will be interesting enough for you. There is also a dedicated blog for Wordless Wednesday posts so I will link up with it as well.

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