4 December 2011

Wordless Wednesday #1-4: Backstory

I try to be true to the objective of Wordless Wednesday by posting only pictures as the blogpost. However, I feel there is still something lacking to complete the picture (pun not intended). And that lacking element is a description of the picture used in the Wordless Wednesday blogpost.

So, for every four (may vary in future) Wordless Wednesday posts I published in this blog, I will write a backstory post. I will start with Wordless Wednesday #1 to #4.

Wordless Wednesday #1: Mother and sons is a picture of my family taken in late winter 2007 using an Olympus u725SW camera. I chose this picture for this theme simply because I just love looking at the happiness in my family's faces. This photo was taken near the Cathedral Square in the city centre of Peterborough. I went to tiltshiftmaker.com to create a tiltshift effect so that the focus will be on my family's happy faces.

Wordless Wednesday #2: Seagull was taken last summer in the beach in Hunstanton using a Nikon Coolpix L110 camera. We went to the resort town of Hunstanton for a day in the beach together with some relatives and friends. I took several pictures of the seagulls and terns in the beach. This picture is one of two that came out decently. I had it Gimped up before posting it on to this blog.

Wordless Wednesday #3: Rick Kirby's 'Vertical face' was taken in the summer of 2008 using an Olympus u725SW camera. This sculpture by sculptor/artist Rick Kirby is just one of many that you will find in the gardens of Burghley House in Stamford. The sculpture was commissioned by Burghley House in 2002. It's made of mild steel and measures 5m x 3m. There are actually two versions of this sculpture in Burghley House gardens. The other one is the picture I used in the post Tilt-shift Photographs.

Wordless Wednesday #4: Bluebells was taken in spring 2009 using an Olympus u725SW camera. This was a weekend day and my older son had brought a teddy bear named Boris as some sort of homework. He has to do some activity with Boris during the weekend and return it to class the following Monday with a report. So, we brought Boris to our nearby woodland and that's where I saw the bluebells. My kids enjoyed that short walk with Boris and my son happily reported it to their class.

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