Bad (Transport) Day

Yesterday started out well for me. Cean and I arrived at his school with plenty of time for me to catch up the Stagecoach bus to city centre. I got to the bus stop thinking the bus will arrive shortly. It did arrive...half an hour later, much to my annoyance!

Stagecoach assures its passengers of a bus ride to town every ten minutes. The half hour delay means they missed two schedules. The result was that halfway to its journey's end, the bus I was in was already full. I have to say many of my fellow passengers were not happy bunnies like me!

This is the first time this delay happened to me in a long while now. I didn't know the reason for the delay; even so, this is still unacceptable. Stagecoach failed to deliver their promise to its customers. We actually have no choice because they are the only bus plying the route in most of Peterborough centre and suburbs.

That bad start of the day was to continue in the afternoon. After work, I catch a different bus because it goes to my neighbourhood. If I took Stagecoach, it is a longer walk home for me. Obviously, I opt for a less tiresome way to go home after a hard day's work sitting in the office!

The Local Link bus, which is funded by the city council, missed a scheduled trip. Only a one missed trip, that does not matter, wouldn't it? You might ask. does matter actually. Unlike Stagecoach which have a 10-minute interval in their schedule the Local Link bus that goes to my home has a 30-minute interval. Again I lost another half hour of my time waiting for a bus trip home.

A situation like this sometimes make me miss home. I chose third world transport anytime over the first world one when these things happen. At least in Cebu you can get a jeepney anytime you want it!

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