8 May 2009

Blog Changes

I decided to make some changes to this blog. I have narrowed down the perspective a bit. This blog will now be more of a personal blog about my life as a Pinoy expatriate in the United Kingdom. Of course, I will still talk about interesting news from anywhere in the world that caught my fancy.

For the record, the previous description on Pinoyborian reads:
Pinoy life in the UK

The blog's name is a combination of the words Pinoy, the informal name we Filipinos like to call ourselves (similar to Brits for British), and of Peterborian, the native of Peterborough, which is now my home in the UK.

This blog is a smorgasbord of views, ideas and interesting information about the UK, the Philippines and the rest of the world (if it caught my fancy.)

The blog description is quite broad that the direction it was going to seems to be all over the place. As a personal blog, I will now post more on my observations and views on British culture from a Pinoy perspective. I will make comparisons between my current life in the UK and my past Philippine life whenever there are similarities or differences.

I realised that I do not mention Peterborough quite often in this blog. It is not that there is not much to talk about this city. In fact, there are many interesting information on Peterborough that are worth mentioning especially in comparison to places I have lived in the Philippines. I now make a conscious decision to feature my current home frequently on this blog.

As I am about to publish this post I read again my first post on this blog curious to know how I have progressed. Unfortunately, I have veered away from what I intend to write on this blog. In that post I wrote that:
This blog is generally about how it is to live in the UK from a Pinoy family's perspective. There will be focus on our integration into British culture and also about the the vibrant Filipino community in the city of Peterborough and neighbo(u)ring places.

This just goes to show that I have wandered too far off in the woods. I have now found my way back and hereon, will consciously stick to the path where I started. And so the journey continues.

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