11 May 2009

Pizza Complaint

I really feel for this dude. There has been a debate whether this has been real or not, but you be the judge. I came across this news article last Friday. I have a "wicked" sense of humour so I really had a laugh at this poor soul.

Part of the Telegraph news article read:

Man complains his pizza has no topping - until he realises it is upside down

A telephone call by a shopper who rings a helpline to complain that his pizza has no topping before realising it is upside down, has become an internet sensation. More than 20,000 people have listened to a recording of a Welsh man complaining to a supermarket call centre worker than he has been left without dinner because he has been sold a plain pizza base.

Minutes into the call, his complaints turn to embarrassment as he realises he has opened the box upside down, and is in fact looking at the underside of the pizza. After admitting, "I look like a fool" he goes on to complain that the box should have been marked with instructions, saying which way up it should be held.

Listen to the call at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H8HnaTIcmk

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