Pacquiao TKO'd Hatton

Photo: Times Online

What a class act! Now I am a believer! Pacquiao really showed us all why he is the best pound for pound boxer at the moment. I'm sure a lot of my fellow countrymen were laughing their way to the bookies today. Balato bi!

It was a disappointing two round stoppage considering I've paid £15 for the match. I was sleeping most of the time during the marathon match (starting at 10 pm until about 5ish am when it finished). I agree with what was written in the papers today about the very bad matches that featured last night. Pathetic!

I was a bit nervous when the match started as I thought Pacquiao had heavy legs as he moved. Unlike that December 2008 demolition of de la Hoya where he seemed to me as if he was moving like lightning. But it did not take long before I was reassured that Pacquiao was going to win it.

Three very clear knockdowns in two rounds. Enough said. We wuz robbed! It should have went on to 8 rounds to make the pay worth it! Go Pacman!

If you want to read a nice article about the fight read this Times news article.

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